5 Useful Apps For Daily Office Life

It’s the beginning of a new year! To start 2019 on the right track, we wanted to introduce some great apps for the office! We use some of these every day because they truly help make our lives easier!


Whether you desperately need or simply just love to keep things organized, you should definitely consider adding this to your daily app routine. Evernote’s website headline says it best, “Feel Organized Without The Effort.” Best of all, the most basic plan is FREE!

Some key features are:

  •  You can create notebooks that are tagged and categorized according to the type of notes you’ve created.
  • Track your time. That’s right track how much time you spend working ..or errr waste when you’re bored on YouTube. This allows you to see your time on emails, projects, spreadsheets, etc. It may be tedious to getting down everything you’ve done a few times a day, but it will allow a big picture of how your time is used.
  •  If you have a branch that’s across the country and need to collaborate, then, have no fear. Evernote is the bridge that connects your teams by sharing your notebooks.
  • Don’t have time to write a note? Record a voice memo!
  • Keep your financials in order by tracking your personal budget and collect images of receipts in your Evernote app!


Have you ever had that feeling of relief when you’ve finally sent that email that you left last on your to-do list? It’s all fine and dandy until you reread it…only to find a typo that you swear wasn’t there before. If only you’d had Grammarly.

  • Grammarly is always a step ahead of you when it comes to grammar and misspellings!
  • The app even senses when you’ve used a word out of context and offers you a better alternative.
  • Download into your phone’s app store (Android or iOS) or into your computer’s keyboard!


This app has become a staple for us at Century!

  • We use Voxer to communicate office members and the window cleaning crew with real-time messages and group chats (group chats can fit up to 500 people)!
  • You can even categorize your personal voice memos into different folders.
  • Messages are quick and are easily sent and saved if you need to play it back.
  • Better yet, you can “star” especially important messages that save into a separate folder.
  • iOS and Andrioid Friendly!



CamScanner Pro

  • Your phone’s camera is turned into a portable document scanner and OCR tool solution by just using your phone’s camera.
  • Get JPG or PDF formats of your documents.
  • Android and iOS Friendly!


Before, During, After The Office:



You can give yourself a few moments at any hour of the day with Headspace. It may not be a free app, but it is so amazingly intricate so it can be personalized for your mental health needs.

Headspace helps you learn how to meditate with proven scientific methods that help you in many situations

  • Easy use on the way to work, after a crisis, or just because. Plus, there are hundreds of sessions that are themed to fit your pathway to a healthier mind.
  • It can help you stay focused, calm, relaxed, or help you get a better nights sleep!
  • (IoS, Android)

In our industry, these iPhone apps are also especially useful!

iPhone Measurements: The recent update allows you to measure stuff by just tapping on the starting point and moving your phone to cover the measurement’s length and then tapping at the end when you’re done. You can save your measurements and even measure multiple things at once!

iPhone Reminders: This simple app is huge for us! Our sales team loves to use this to keep track of follow-ups, reminders, scheduling and more!


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