‘Tis the season for office parties, family get-togethers, and festive music….but its also a special season…flu and cold season.

The sad thing about the flu shot is that less than half of the US population received one in 2017. Unfortunately, signing up to get your flu shot is the best way to prevent getting the flu.

Dr. Dan Jernigan, Director of CDC’s Influenza Division says ” The Center for Disease Control research has shown that many people don’t understand the serious consequences that flu can have—they don’t perceive influenza as being serious, or they don’t want to get vaccinated because they have misconceptions about the vaccine itself. Sometimes just providing information can lower barriers to vaccination.

Here Are 10 Ways To Help Prevent The Flu From Disturbing The Peace!

1. Get vaccinated!

It’s the single best way to prevent the flu!

2. Newsletters, emails, social media announcement:

If you’re in facilities management, encourage your tenants/coworkers to get vaccinated. Treat it like a little marketing project. How do you reach the people at the office?  However, do not make it a requirement. If someone were to have a bad reaction to it, the finger would most likely be pointed at you.

3. Be a leader.

Mahatma Ghandi said it best, “Be the change, you wish to see in the world.” If you’re looking to give some motivation to your tenants, then try being an influence and set the standard.

4.  Make working from home an option or better yet, prepare for increased sick days.

5. The Center For Disease Control recommends hosting a flu vaccination clinic at work.

To minimize absenteeism, employers frequently offer onsite seasonal flu vaccination to employees at no or low cost to their employees. This option can work well if the employer has an on-site occupational health clinic. If you don’t have a clinic, pharmacies and community vaccinators can be contracted to provide seasonal flu vaccination services on-site.

6. The CDC also recommends management getting involved by sharing where your tenants/employees can get vaccinated in the community.

7. Wash Your Hands!

Yup. As easy as this sounds, it’s still overlooked and really effective. If you don’t want to sound like you’re micromanaging, then put something funny on the walls or mirrors as a reminder.

8. Sanitation Stations!

Making sure that tenants and employees have easy access to hand sanitizers, disinfectants, wipes, etc. is super important to help keep germs from traveling around the office.


An office is a place where you gather with your coworkers while each of you does your thing for eight hours. During those eight hours, there are many opportunities for you to catch the flu, so take preventative measures to stay nice and phlegm-free!

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