Meet Christy McGuire, the owner of Century Building Maintenance.

Originally from Modesto, Christy moved to the East Bay and achieved her lifelong goal of becoming a business owner.

She is incredibly dedicated to her team and does a damn good job as a leader! Here are nine questions we asked that you probably didn’t know about her!


1.What natural talents and strengths do you feel you bring to your work?

C: I’m very organized. Like over the top to the point where I know when a piece of paper has been slightly moved on my desk. It’s a blessing and a curse!


2. What are your hobbies? What do you do in your non-work time?

C: I like to punch things. Mostly when I’m training Muy Thai, which is a lot. I also have a huge passion for animals and love to be outdoors with my 2 fur babies. Hiking and beach walks are probably our favorite.

3. Where in the world have you traveled and which place impacted you the most–and why?

C: I’ve traveled to Thailand, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Colombia, sailed the Virgin Islands, and Mexico. Colombia definitely impacted me the most. Families were inviting us into their homes and wanting to cook meals for us and teach us about their culture even though they had very little to give. Kids were so happy playing soccer in the streets together and weren’t glued to a cell phone. Colombia has such a bad reputation and the community there really wants to change that image.

I’ll never forget being in an elevator with a woman who looked like she didn’t have much. She was eating a bag of chips and asked me with a big smile on her face if I wanted some. It almost brought me to tears. These experiences really humbled me and made me grateful for everything I have.

4. Here’s a quick yes or no ;). Would you rather be able to speak to animals or read people’s minds?

C: Speak to animals. 100%.


5. What is the most rewarding part of owning a business? What is the hardest part of owning a business?

C: To me, the most rewarding part is looking back and seeing all the growth and progress that has happened over time. It’s a huge sense of accomplishment, especially since I’m really big on setting goals. As a business owner, you put in countless hours of work and stress over crap that probably isn’t worth stressing over.

Sometimes it feels like you suck at life, you’re a failure and everything is falling apart. But then I have these “I really am a badass” moments and realize that I’m doing pretty darn good.

For me, the hardest part of owning a business is learning how to disconnect from it at times. It’s the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing on my mind when I go to sleep. It’s even on my mind when I’m on vacation. But it’s not always stressful things though. Most of the time, there are ideas I want to implement, new systems to put in place, etc. I’m still working on finding my balance.


6. How do you connect with people best? (In other words, in what environment do you feel most comfortable connecting with people and have YOUR best form of self-expression?)

C: I like one-on-one interactions or very small groups. I love getting to know people and I feel like I can’t do that in big group settings.


7. What kind of jobs did you have before your career took off?

C: I wanted to start making my own money as soon as I turned 16 so I went down to the mall and got a job at Forever 21. During the college years, I worked at different restaurants and my first big girl job was in the skincare industry. I started as an aesthetician working for a couple different dermatologists. I quickly realized that being in a little dark room all day long wasn’t for me. So I got a job with a startup company selling skincare products online. I became the manager within a short time and helped grow the company for about 4 years. All the meanwhile, I had small side businesses that I was working on because honestly, I hate working for other people and big corporations and I knew I would my own business one day.


8. How do you approach negative feedback? How do you handle criticism?

C: Well, remember how I told you I like to punch things….haha juuuust kidding. Criticism is a good thing. What better way to learn from your mistakes than by someone telling you that you suck at what you’re doing? Again, just kidding! In all seriousness, I want to be told if I’m doing something wrong or if someone doesn’t agree with the way I’m doing something, so I can evaluate the whole situation and learn from it. It’s how I better myself.


9. Describe “a perfect day”.

C: Let me just bullet point it out for you:

  • Wake up next to my 2 fur babies and boyfriend in an oceanfront beach house.
  • Eat a huge stack of pancakes, fresh tropical fruit and Philtered Soul coffee from Philz (it really is the best)
  • Morning walk on the beach with all of us
  • Kick ass workout session
  • Relax for a few then eat a delicious lunch
  • Go shopping for new shoes and eat ice cream
  • Late afternoon BBQ and games on the beach with close friends followed by a bonfire on the beach at night!

Christy is a big piece of the puzzle but if you want to learn more about the rest of the team at Century Building Maintenance, visit our Meet The Team Page!

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