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10 of the Most Historical Buildings in America

New and luxurious buildings are sprouting all over the nation. With the glitz and glamour of glass façades, it can be easy to overlook some of the gems that are an important part of the fabric of America. These are only 10 of the most historic buildings in the United States!   1. Federal Hall [...]

The Issues and Recommendations of The Applied Technology Council’s Tall Building Report

Last month, The Applied Technology Council released a report on 156 buildings in SF standing over 240 feet. This report also included unconstructed buildings that have received a construction permit. Back in 2017, the City published a Tall Buildings Safety Strategy, however, it has since been updated to include input from the engineering communities. What [...]

Tenant Retention Basics

Most property managers and commercial real estate executives know that it costs more to acquire new tenants than to retain old ones. Great tenants may be hard to get, but it's another challenge entirely to keep them. Why? Because your tenants are like a customer, and as long as they're happy, they will consider their payments [...]

Glass Features That Improve The Bird Mortality Rate

Developments are popping up everywhere around the Bay Area like daisies. For our industry, it's great, because obviously the more buildings there are, the more glass there is for us to clean.... but there is a downside. :( Although the glitz and glamour of a new building rob the spotlight, there are aspects of these buildings [...]

5 Useful Apps For Daily Office Life

It’s the beginning of a new year! To start 2019 on the right track, we wanted to introduce some great apps for the office! We use some of these every day because they truly help make our lives easier! Evernote Whether you desperately need or simply just love to keep things organized, you should definitely [...]

Out With The Old, In With The Repurposed

San Francisco’s architecture has continued to leave a unique imprint in people’s minds when they picture the city’s streets. The city is a magical mecca of many revolutionary American eras that have influenced the city’s culture and upbringing. Lately, San Franciscans feel that too much is changing and that the city is becoming unrecognizable.  The [...]

8 Steps To Keep The Flu Out Of The Office

'Tis the season for office parties, family get-togethers, and festive music....but its also a special season...flu and cold season. The sad thing about the flu shot is that less than half of the US population received one in 2017. Unfortunately, signing up to get your flu shot is the best way to prevent getting the [...]

Gen Z: The Next Generation’s Impact on the Multifamily Industry

Ahhh, the American Dream. Having a family. Retiring at a young-ish age. Becoming a homeowner. The next generation is paving its way into the world and new trends are being set while more industries are disrupted.  The ideal components of what we used to consider to be the American Dream are evolving as Generation Z [...]

The Open Concept Workplace: Is it for you?

Cubicles are the anatomy of the traditional office. They've served as shells where office workers kept focus and held a sense of privacy. But, that way of thinking is changing. The way people work is transforming. Well, sort of... In the traditional office setting, people interacted mainly within the dimensions of their own cubicles. People [...]

The Most Interesting Building You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The Bloomberg Video of The Edge Building! Click to Watch! Can you imagine applying to a company primarily because of the building that harbors it? How would it feel to work somewhere that recognizes your car's license plate as soon as you reach the garage, then directs you to a free parking spot? Perhaps you would [...]