8 Steps To Keep The Flu Out Of The Office

'Tis the season for office parties, family get-togethers, and festive music....but its also a special season...flu and cold season. The sad thing about the flu shot is that less than half of the US population received one in 2017. Unfortunately, signing up to get your flu shot is the best way to prevent getting the [...]

Gen Z: The Next Generation’s Impact on the Multifamily Industry

Ahhh, the American Dream. Having a family. Retiring at a young-ish age. Becoming a homeowner. The next generation is paving its way into the world and new trends are being set while more industries are disrupted.  The ideal components of what we used to consider to be the American Dream are evolving as Generation Z [...]

The Open Concept Workplace: Is it for you?

Cubicles are the anatomy of the traditional office. They've served as shells where office workers kept focus and held a sense of privacy. But, that way of thinking is changing. The way people work is transforming. Well, sort of... In the traditional office setting, people interacted mainly within the dimensions of their own cubicles. People [...]

The Most Interesting Building You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The Bloomberg Video of The Edge Building! Click to Watch! Can you imagine applying to a company primarily because of the building that harbors it? How would it feel to work somewhere that recognizes your car's license plate as soon as you reach the garage, then directs you to a free parking spot? Perhaps you would [...]

12 Inspirational Quotes For Your Road To Success

If you want to be successful, your first step in the right direction needs to be taken outside of your comfort zone---which IS scary. But, the reality is that the road to success is scary because... it requires action... every single day. It requires creativity. It requires hustle. I once heard something where if you [...]

10 Ways To Engage With Your Commercial Real Estate Tenants Using Social Media

We're all social beings (mostly)... that's why building a community for your tenants is super important because your overall communication with them improves. Plus, it will set your team on the right path to retaining your tenants and having a better relationship with them! Here are 10 Ways To Engage With Your Commercial Real Estate [...]

If you manage a high-rise building, you need to read this!

 "Can we take a look at your OPOS?" is usually one of the first questions we ask property managers before we can legally perform a service on high-rise buildings. On many occasions, the response has been, "Do I need one?" or "What the heck is that?" So let's start with answering those FAQ's. OPOS stands [...]

These Glass Windows Decrease Your Airport Stress

Nothing says an escape from reality like embarking on a dream vacation. Unfortunately, the worst part about your dream vacation is the journey it takes to get there. And by that we mean, your nightmare of a layover! Ahhh, what comes to mind when we think of layovers? Going to a stinky bathroom and layering [...]

6 Things You Should Never Pressure Wash

Trust us when we say a pressure washer works like magic, but they are also extremely powerful! Here's a list of 6 things you should NEVER EVER pressure wash because it will cause damage that will require either replacing or worse... a trip to the hospital!  1. Any Living Thing  Because a pressure washer is so [...]

4 Benefits To Preserving Historical Buildings

Any historic landmark takes a lot of work to upkeep. Despite being an international destination spot for its beautiful nature and weather, the San Francisco Bay Area also has many historical buildings that play an integral part of the West Coast's story. Even though the Bay Area has evolved so much over the last couple [...]