Get More Business With Clean Awnings

There's a first impression for each and every new experience. If a potential client is heading to your business, their first impression of you might happen before you even have had the chance to introduce yourself. Though you may be leaving a lasting impression, it may not be for the right reasons. Your opportunity to give [...]

How Clean Blinds Improve Health

Quick, can you hand ahh ahh ACHOOOOOO! If you've ever been (repetitively) sneezed on by coworkers or if you're the guilty sneeze machine, then you have probably asked yourself this question: "When will it stop?" A day at the office with a serial sneezer can be distracting, disgusting, and make you feel like you're completely [...]

Power To The Panels!

Solar panels are an investment. This kind of investment has many benefits like low maintenance levels, lower energy bills, and government incentives like a 30% tax credit for the cost and more. So, what’s the one thing you can do for solar panels that will ensure the maximum amount of solar power? Clean them. First, how [...]

5 Problems You’ll Avoid When You Declutter Your Guttter

Declutter Your Gutter! Gutters move water along the roof down to the ground, taking it away from the foundation. While it may seem tedious and mundane, not paying enough attention to the gutter can result in major damages to your home or building... and wallet. TERMITE INFESTATION  With Halloween approaching, there's really nothing scarier than a [...]

How SF High Rises Deal with Fire

Last August one of the tallest residential buildings caught fire in Dubai for the second time in two years.  Torch Tower stands tall at 84 stories high and holds over 250 apartments. Though no one was seriously hurt, Dubai’s government cracked down on paneling policies to include material of higher fire resistance. With the recent North [...]

Under Pressure?

Should You Let The Pros Handle The Pressure Washer? Like most things in life, sometimes you feel the need to do things yourself because money is an issue. When you don't have the time or money to maintain your home, the pressure builds! At Century Building Maintenance, we know that businesses and homeowners have various needs [...]

Showing The Ropes

  In the window cleaning world, we are like flies to the light when it comes to glass buildings. Tackling the task of cleaning all that glass the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer comes with important criteria and one of them is having great equipment.  There’s sooo many to consider: squeegees, poles, stages, [...]

Should You Have Your Exterior Windows Cleaned During The Rainy Season?

Yes, but why? Rain does not make your windows dirty, dirt makes your windows dirty. Dust, dirt, soot, and grime accumulates on the outside of the glass from pollen, car exhaust, salty air and many other sources. This dust settles as a uniform layer on the glass. When it rains, the rain drops push the [...]