Quick, can you hand me…an ahh ahh ACHOOOOOO!

If you’ve ever been (repetitively) sneezed on by coworkers or if you’re the guilty sneeze machine, then you have probably asked yourself this question: “When will it stop?” A day at the office with a serial sneezer can be distracting, disgusting, and make you feel like you’re completely defenseless.

People will say they know exactly what is causing their allergies, however, where allergens are harbored aren’t nearly as mentioned. Many people at home or in the office can notice dirt in several places before pointing a finger at office blinds because contact with blinds is limited.  If you think about it, blinds are quite literally shelves collecting allergens over time. If office blinds are left dirty, they can cause all kinds of respiratory problems.

Push the tissues aside and pick up the phone for your free estimate!

Though it can be a pain to clean blinds yourself, have no fear! Century Building Maintenance has the expertise to handle all the crevices where nasty dust mites are harbored. We tackle all kinds of blinds so you can work easier.  (Fun Fact: Did you know that there are 14 different types of blinds? Yikes.) Rest assured that while blinds may go unnoticed, there is no denying the easy breathing and peace of mind that comes from a cleaner work environment.

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