“Can we take a look at your OPOS?” is usually one of the first questions we ask property managers before we can legally perform a service on high-rise buildings.

On many occasions, the response has been, “Do I need one?” or “What the heck is that?”

So let’s start with answering those FAQ’s.

OPOS stands for Operating Procedures Outline Sheet and is the official document used to determine the legal procedures and proper cleaning equipment.

An OPOS is required by Cal/OSHA if:

  • Your building is over 36 ft in height.

What are the elements of an OPOS?

The OPOS  includes:

  • safety protocols and allowed procedures,

  • limitations on equipment,

  • emergency plans of actions

  • working hazards

  • danger zones on the roof

  • etc. 

What an OPOS basically does is provide the stepping stones to the equipment and process needed to perform on the building safely and legally for a building that is 3 stories or more!  

ALWAYS BE PREPARED. Property managers can be fined for not having an OPOS if required by Cal/OSHA.

Window cleaning contractors may also be fined if work is performed on a building without an OPOS.

Everyone can agree that the best scenario about a building maintenance project is when everything is smooth sailing from beginning to end. And a major puzzle piece to that happening is with an OPOS.

If you’re in need of obtaining an OPOS legally, contact us at 800-698-0592 so we can refer you to the right person that can help you start the process!

At Century Building Maintenance, we are passionate about safety and bringing value to your building!

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