Solar panels are an investment. This kind of investment has many benefits like low maintenance levels, lower energy bills, and government incentives like a 30% tax credit for the cost and more. So, what’s the one thing you can do for solar panels that will ensure the maximum amount of solar power? Clean them.

First, how do solar panels work?

Solar panels have an insurmountable amount of power capacity because they use the all-powerful sun for its energy source. When sunlight is absorbed by solar cells that make up the solar panels, the energy is converted using an inverter from DC to AC electricity.

Will rainwater clean my solar panels?

Though incredibly effective, solar panels have an upward angle making it easier for bird droppings and other debris start leaving its residue. Rainwater cannot wash off this build up since sunlight will cause debris to stain. Solar panels are low-maintenance devices, but they will require a cleaning from time to time.

Clean Solar Panels = Increased ROI

It’s no secret that solar panels are expensive. An investment like solar panels means that you’re expecting something in return. And with solar panels, that takes time. The cleaner your solar panels are the higher your return on investment will be. Why? Debris and other residue left on solar panels will remain there even despite rainwater. It’s like trying to see through dirty windows, the sunlight can’t be absorbed well when there’s too much gunk attached to the panels. More energy conversion will be generated with clean and pristine solar panels.

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