In the window cleaning world, we are like flies to the light when it comes to glass buildings. Tackling the task of cleaning all that glass the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer comes with important criteria and one of them is having great equipment.  There’s sooo many to consider: squeegees, poles, stages, rigs, add-ons, etcetera. However, today, I want to focus on the rope because clean and pristine windows have everything to do with attention to detail, including choosing lasting equipment.
At Century Building Maintenance, we choose Sky Genie’s Descent Line Rope. Safety is the most important value we have for what we do. So, why did we choose this brand?
  • It’s built with 20 braids of high strength nylon fiber making it super durable.
  • It is mildew, rot, and high temperature resistant.
  • Has shock absorbing elasticity when there’s an immediate strain to prevent breakage.

How to make your decision?  

First, look at that stretch! There are different ways to check out what kind of stretch your rope offers. Is it dynamic, static or semi-static (low-stretch)?  The dynamic (usually Kernmantle) rope is meant for breaking falls, movement,  and for elongation. Static rope is the opposite due to how it reacts when there is an immediate exertion of stress.

Think Durability!

Rope is basically little bundles of cords wound together called carriers. The number of carriers will make an impact on how thin or thick the sheath will be.
  • More carriers = smaller sheath, smoother on the hands, easy to knot
  • Less carriers= thicker sheath, stiffer on the hands, hard to knot and ultimately higher durability.

Beyond the Buy:

Safety goes beyond just buying your equipment! Keep your stuff in check and take care of your equipment!

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