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Can you imagine applying to a company primarily because of the building that harbors it?

How would it feel to work somewhere that recognizes your car’s license plate as soon as you reach the garage, then directs you to a free parking spot?

Perhaps you would be interested in a designated workspace based on your day’s schedule?

That is actually ALL happening thanks to The Edge Building’s smartphone app– developed by Edge’s main tenant, Deloitte.

This mandatory app optimizes the Amsterdam building’s efficiency, environmental sustainability, but also even (debatably) more amazing is the fact that The Edge redefines the way people work and connect. 

The Edge was designed to be a gathering type of place and introduce employees to the concept of hotdesking– the encouragement of efficient usage of space, but most importantly, creating and sustaining relationships.

How it works? You guessed it. The app! The app recognizes your work schedule to lead you to your many options:

  • a standing desk
  • a booth for phone calls
  • a concentration room for meetings
  • a sitting desk
  • or you can just hang back and work from the open work space of the main atrium.

So much of this building’s creativity comes to the way it generates resources. There is more electricity produced at The Edge than consumed. This is mostly due to the solar panels with the Ethernet-powered LED lighting system with 28,000 sensors to detect motion, light, humidity, temperature, and CO2 levels. From the roof and balconies, rainwater is collected and is used to flush the toilets and irrigation. Even the gym utilizes energy generated from the exercise machines after an intense workout.

“The Edge is also the ­greenest building in the world, according to British rating agency BREEAM, which gave it the highest ­sustainability score ever awarded: 98.4 percent. The Dutch have a phrase for all of this: het nieuwe werken, or roughly, the new way of working.” (Bloomberg)

The way The Edge uses these sensors allows multiple departments to work together. Facilities management and IT work so closely that they can determine when enough motion is triggered to schedule a bathroom cleaning or when a section of a building should be closed off due to a high amount of energy consumption.

The Edge is without a doubt the most intriguing modern day building.

Here are just a few more features that show off all the ways The Edge is just out of this world.

  • All flat-screen televisions can sync immediately to your iPhone or laptop for presentations or daily tasks.
  • Carefully placed beehives and bat homes are spread across the building’s exterior to support local pollination
  • A customized security robot patrols the floors to ensure no funny business during day-to-day operations and after hours.
  • Espresso machines that remember what you like!
  • Even though the building is pretty much an all-knowing entity, you can know that there are something the app cannot publically share because privacy laws are enforced.

Stay tuned, Century will be moving over to the Netherlands one day! Just kidding. We love discovering buildings of the world, but we’re sticking to the Bay Area… for now!

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