Nothing says an escape from reality like embarking on a dream vacation. Unfortunately, the worst part about your dream vacation is the journey it takes to get there. And by that we mean, your nightmare of a layover!

Ahhh, what comes to mind when we think of layovers?

  • Going to a stinky bathroom and layering on toilet seat covers like you’re making a lasagna
  •  Disgruntled TSA employees that might as well wear uniforms that say “I hate my life.”
  • The massive herds of people
  • The ever-changing gate numbers
  • The crappy yet expensive food
  • One word…GERMS.

The possibilities are endless.

In fact, most people would say that being at the airport is the main source of their anxiety while traveling because let’s face it…waiting in airplanes feels a lot like being in limbo.

Airport execs don’t want air travelers to feel this way. And luckily for us (and them), a Milpitas based company called View glass has successfully helped airports realize the benefits of using their glass to optimize the air traveler’s experience, decrease energy costs, and increase retail revenue.

Here’s How:

Dynamic glazing aka electrochromic glass “uses a low-voltage electrical charge to activate a ceramic coating applied to the outer pane of the glass, along with sensors and other equipment.” SFO will basically be installing the dynamic glazing that transitionally tints the windows by factoring in sunlight, temperature, time and other components that improves lighting and thermal comfort. Gov Tech

According to a Forbes article, there has been an overwhelming improvement in passenger dwell time and concession spending since implementing Dynamic Glass. Passenger dwell time has shown an 83% increase in passenger dwell time at a preferred gate seat and concession spending has by 102% increase (from a Dallas/Fort Worth Airport alcohol sales report).

From all this, we can infer, happier people more likely to be productive and spend because they are actually enjoying their time.

“In addition to investing in building energy efficiency to become the first LEED Gold-certified airport terminal in the United States, SFO evaluated other projects to find technology that would help meet their environmental goals while extending Bay Area eco-culture into the terminal to dazzle passengers. Two SFO architects chose View Dynamic Glass, which was also preferred by the airport authority because it simplifies maintenance.Commercial Architecture Magazine

Some other cool things airports like SF have been driven to get creative when it comes to decreasing stress and engaging passengers like using therapy animals like Lilou the Pig! (We love this concept! We like to keep our  Century Building Maintenance office dog-friendly…because meetings are better with a dog on your lap.)

View Glass hasn’t stopped at airports. They also have had their glass implemented in commercial office buildings that have helped improve:

  • employee productivity by 6%-15% through by optimizing natural light

  • controlling heat and glares in perimeter areas

  • and reclaiming 10% and more of the unusable floor space near windows.

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