Should You Let The Pros Handle The Pressure Washer?

Like most things in life, sometimes you feel the need to do things yourself because money is an issue. When you don’t have the time or money to maintain your home, the pressure builds! At Century Building Maintenance, we know that businesses and homeowners have various needs when it comes to taking care of their properties. For homeowners, we are especially understanding that your home is your baby.

These are a few signs its time to get going and make a decision: DIY or go with the pro!

  1. Mold, Algae, Mildew, Etc. 

If your home is getting lots of moisture, there’s a high chance that it is also accumulating mold. Not all molds hold the same degree of potential damage. However, ignoring a mold or mildew problem will not just cause damage to your home, but it can be dangerous to your family as well because there is a possibility that you can be breathing in toxic mold. So, even if you feel like wiping it down is enough, it most likely is not helping.

  1. Your Home Looks Like It’s Seen Better Days

Over time, all the little details start to emerge when your home gets neglected. Bird poop. Stained walls, faded paint. Whether you want to have a peace of mind at home or desire to sell in the future, you may want to consider a deep cleaning solution if you…

  • Need your staircase to shine again
  • Desire your paint-job to look better for a longer period of time
  • Want to entertain people with a sparkling, pidgeon poop-free deck
  1. Never Done It Yourself?

Unless you have experience with a pressure washer, it can be particularly dangerous because of the how powerful water shoots out. As a Century pro will tell you, if you’re not applying pressure evenly you can damage tiles on a house or earn yourself a trip a to the hospital. It’s not as simple as it seems!

  1. If You Know Deep In Your Heart, You Won’t Have The Time To Do It Yourself

Thankfully, our Century team has had many years of experience and training to get services like these done for Bay Area homeowners. Not only do we guarantee safety, but we have worked with various kinds of homes all over the San Francisco Bay.

Let the pros handle the pressure!

If you decide to go the DIY route…

  1. make sure you wear protective gear,
  2. read instructions carefully (safety, how much pressure, applying pressure evenly)
  3. avoid using a ladder (just don’t do it, promise?)
  4. don’t leave device unattended.

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